Friday, August 7, 2009

It´s a long, long road...

Since my last post, we have walked through many vineyards, wheat fields, up and down steep hills, by the wind mills that bring power to the villages, forest growth, sunflower fields, rock surfaces, small pebbled and dusty paths and city sidewalks. We have seen beautiful churches and buildings, children playing, locals walking to the market carrying their cheeses, meats and fresh breads, lovely gardens, bell ringing cows, butterflies and bees, wonderful small grocery stores, people sharing conversation, I could go on and on. Spain is a wonderful place with so much to see and do.

We left Azofra days ago on our way to Santigo De Compostella. We seem to lose track of the time and day. We have traveled through Santo Domingo, Belorado, Burgos, and today we are in Tardajos. It truely feels like a movie set in the old west with the wind blowing, tumble weeds rolling by, and a look that Clint Eastwood is about to step out of a deserted building ready for a showdown.
As soon as I am able to send pictures, you will see the wonderful places we have been. Andrew and Linda are taking a siesta, while Kate and I are hanging out and reflecting on the last several days.

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