Monday, August 3, 2009

Checking in from the Camino De Santiago

The last several days the internet has been unavailable. Sorry but, I am also unable to upload any pictures at this time. So, in the meantime we have traveled the Camino de Santiago to Vill De Monjardin, Sansol, Logrona, Navarette. Today, we arrived in Azofra. All the albergues have been great. We have met people from Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Norway, England, and so many more countries. The town's we have traveled through are in the wine region and they all have beautiful churches.
Two days ago we were walking in a wind storm, then it changed to a sand storm and finally it rained like crazy! We were all a "muddy mess" and so glad when we reached our albergue. I will post some great shots when I can get the right connection. It´s getting late and I must go to bed. Good night!


  1. From conversations by phone, the group is getting over a couple colds, mending a few blisters and starting to feel their strength in the walks. Yesterday, they walked 18 miles and were cooking spaghetti for dinner. Lots of the conversations revolve around food, so you know they are carb challenged and ready to eat anything!


  2. CAMERA UPDATE: 5 Cameras to start

    The logistics of their cameras....

    1) Kate's starting acting up and stopped working when they hit the trail.

    2) Linda mailed back her heavy dslr Canon and reduced backpack weight by 5 lbs.

    3) Dawn's camera was stolen from her fanny pack while taking the metro to the train station in Madrid.

    4) Linda's point and shoot was dropped on the trail and has not worked since.

    5) Andrew's Sony works.

  3. Hi Dawn,

    I was at CURVES today for the first time in 3 weeks. I was asking about you and no one had heard anyhting. I called your hubby tonight and he gave me your blog info. I will give it to the ladies at the gym who wanted to know.

    Sounds like you are enjoying the food and wine !!
    Take care and be safe !!

    Rose Clark:-)