Monday, August 24, 2009

Galicia, O´Cebreiro, Fonfria and Sarria

We traveled up the biggest mountain in in Northern Spain and entered Galicia a couple of days ago. The view was incredible. The mountain kept going up and up into several small villages, where we would take a break to catch our breath. We cross over rocks, mounts of dirt and sunny weather. We stayed over night in O´Cebreiro. The albergue overlooked the mountain. The village was like a movie set in Ireland. Beautiful stone walls and green as can be.
We left the next morning and walked to a small village called Fonfria. The village had cows, chickens, cats and dogs walking down the dirt road. We bought fresh cheese made with in a hour from one of the locals. It was so good on our fresh french bread.The scenery was like a picture from 100 years ago. The houses were all made out of stone and slate. The albergue was quiet to sleep and the meal filled our bellies.
We left this morning on our way to Sarria to travel 30k. On our way we walked up and down hills, through creeks, muddy trails, friendly cows bell rings and a beautiful view of Sarria. We arrived today at 3:30pm to shower, eat and rest for our adventure tomorrow. I will send photo´s of our journey when it is available to upload my pictures. Good night for now....

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